Get Creative and Fund Your Project!

Get Creative and Fund Your Project!

Thinking about, designing and creating the perfect playground for your school or community is FUN! What’s not fun is figuring out how to pay for it. We here at St Croix Recreation can understand your frustrations! There is so much information out there it can be hard to find the perfect funding opportunity for you! Here are some of the creative and realistic ways we can help you purchase your next playground:

Move Into Spring Sale:

St Croix Recreation’s principle playground manufacturer, BCI Burke, is currently offering several of their pre-designed structures on sale! Visit here to learn more and view which option may be right for you! *Note: To take advantage of sale prices, up to 40% off, orders must be placed by 7/29/18 and ship to arrive on-site no later than 8/31/18.

Berliner SALE: 5% Off All Products!

Net structures and unique equipment are becoming more and more popular throughout Minnesota but they can be expensive! To help lighten the load, St Croix Recreation is offering all Minnesota entities a 5% discount on any and all Berliner equipment if ordered by 7/1. To see their full product line, including Quick Ship items, visit this site.

Elevate Fitness Grant by BCI Burke

Enter today to take advantage of up to $25,000 in an in-kind grant on BCI Burke’s newest innovation; a fitness course that is fun for all ages over 5 years old! To learn more about these unique obstacle structures click here. Applications must be submitted here no later than 6/15/18.

State Contract

The state of Minnesota has awarded three playground and park supply vendors with the State Contract as of 2017. This cooperative purchasing agreement allows qualified customers to take advantage of a 3%+ discount off of most of our equipment. Learn more here.

Fundraising, Grants & Community Builds

Need more ideas?! Check out the Funding Resource Center which gives clever ideas on how to get your community involved through fundraising. Grants can also be another way to collect additional funds. However, these can be tricky to find and the application process can be long. Read more about grants and search for applicable ones here. Don’t forget – a community build will help save you money in the long run and provide your community with lasting memories and fun! Read more about the details and benefits of our Volunteer Install option. 


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