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Minnesota Playground Equipment Company

BCI Burke Company, LLC has always been known for quality playground equipment, personal service and our commitment to safety. Since 1920, Burke has been leading the way with exciting and innovative playgrounds, park and site amenities and sport products. Burke is a family owned business located in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin operating with optimum efficiency, current technology and the following set of core values to give our customers the best Total Cost of Ownership Package™  possible for your playground.

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Minnesota Playground Equipment

We are a family owned business supplying commercial playground equipment for over 30 years in and around Minnesota with friendly, professional service and honest advice. We are proud to offer the complete line of BCI Burke Playground Equipment to our customers.



New Minnesota Playground Products for 2018

BCI Burke has developed new playground equipment for 2018. The factory is expanding and one of the newest creations has been a new design studio to focus on new products. Here are a few exclusive commercial playground parts only sold in Minnesota through St. Croix Recreation.


Quality Playground Equipment

Burke understands that playgrounds are big investments, both in terms of time and money, and that’s why we back up our playground equipment with the strongest warranty. Our playground equipment has a direct bolt system that makes it easy to install with Community Builds or School Playground Builds. The Warranty is one of the strongest in the industry and considered to have the highest quality materials made to last. We are able to ship the playgrounds directly from the factory to anywhere in Minnesota with out having to go to another distribution center ensuring quality upon arrival.


High quality, rugged connections are made with premium elements Manufactured in the Heartland, including Minnesota

Burke Product Line:

Nucleus™ Commercial Play Equipment

BCI Burke’s KoreKonnect® direct-bolt system and EZKonnect® deck mounting system brings new levels of ease and precision to playground design and assembly.  The Nucleus Outdoor Play System also is able to fuse with BCI Burke’s untraditional Intensity System that allows for a seamless integration of traditional and fitness-oriented activities. The post on Nucleus system is 5” O.D. and is popular with Schools and Municipal Parks that get a lot of traffic.

Intensity® 2 – 5 Outdoor Fitness Play Complex Equipment

Intensity 2 – 5 is the newest fitness play complex designed to promote the development and growth of children ages 2 – 5.  It combines the five essential development areas of physical, cognitive, sensory/motor, emotional/social and language to enhance the benefits of play for children on the playground. This new action-based design gives young players a healthy environment to develop and interact with each other. Intensity 2-5 was designed to give supervisors a clear line of site to watch over the little ones.

Voltage™ Outdoor Play Structures

Inspired by Burke’s celebrated Nucleus™ play system, Voltage™ blends the architecture of our 3½” O.D. upright support posts, hundreds of Burke classic play events and the innovative design elements of KoreKonnect® and EZKonnect®. Voltage offers great value and play for smaller Schools and Municipal Parks. The posts are very strong and are backed up by the longest and strongest warrant in the business!

Play Structure Components

Design your Burke outdoor playground for maximum kid-appeal and age appropriateness with unlimited design options. Choose your favorite events from a colossal variety of dramatic climbers and climbing walls, slides, overhead events, tunnels, bridges, pod walks, panels and more with this handy search feature.

Freestanding Basics Playground Equipment

For traditional outdoor playground equipment that stands the test of time, choose Burke’s Freestanding “Basics” product line. These are the building blocks of a great play environment, and a perfect complement to the playground whether you are looking to expand your play space or add a new piece of equipment to your existing park, school, daycare or other outdoor playground.

NaturePlay® Adventure Play Series

A place to play! Burke’s NaturePlay Adventure Play Series has been designed to emulate nature with its unique Tree House designs, realistic climbing boulders, and earth-tone color schemes. This theme based play allows children to let their imagination run wild and create a play environment that fosters social interaction.

Circuit Play®

Burke’s exciting play circuits combine the fun of the playground with the challenge of an obstacle course, to help children build strength, stamina, and self-esteem. This design mitigates risk by keeping the events lower to the ground yet challenging children to navigate obstacles. Children will challenge each other to see who can get all the way around the fastest.

Circuit Play® Beginnings

Burke’s new play circuits designed for children ages 2 – 5 combines play elements which focus on the use of all muscles groups, thereby, helping preschoolers develop balance, coordination and basic upper and lower body strength.

Little Buddies® Preschool Play Equipment

Burke’s Little Buddies product line is the first play system designed specifically for preschoolers, ages 2-5! Little Buddies’ unique, age-appropriate designs combine properly-scaled traditional pieces with sand, water, windows, and interactive panels to encourage preschoolers to explore their physical and creative limits. Little Buddies Play System is a perfect option for 2-5 year olds. This will fit in small spaces and the budget.

Early Play Centers

Playing is learning! Creative and challenging play is essential to early childhood development. Burke’s new Climb ‘N’ Crawl, Step ‘N’ Scoot and Kiddy Korral encourage physical and cognitive growth while providing hours of engaging, exploratory fun for children 6 – 23 months. Create essential play and development opportunities for your little ones with Burke’s new Early Play Centers!

HealthQuest Outdoor Fitness Equipment

HealthQuest fitness playground equipment is designed with unique different exercise and physical activity stations that build strength and stamina. Custom-designed signage walks users through warm-up and cool-down exercises as well as proper use of the outdoor fitness equipment.