Minnesota School Playgrounds

Planning Your School Playground

Parent Teacher Organizations and Parent Teacher Associations are often the decision makers in the playground planning process. A school playground has a 20-25 year life span so planning a school playground is often new to most members in the school. Our friendly staff of experienced professionals will take time to assess the concerns of the group and answer any questions the group may have plus find a solution that will work best for the school.  Need to start raising money? Ask about our funding solutions. All proposals will come with a Proposal Pro Booklet outlining all of components, use zones, safety certificates and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant designs.  Our 3D posters display the playground from different angles and our Fly Through 3D video will give a 360 degree bird’s eye view of the playground to give a unique view of what the project will look like after it is built.

Our Philosophy

Playgrounds for schools have a different design than park playgrounds. Our philosophy behind planning school playgrounds is to create an environment where kids can burn off steam and energy during the middle of the day at recess and create an environment that is social. We believe that all kids should be able to play together and for most schools we would recommend an All Inclusive Playgrounds. Kids experience a lot throughout their school day, but the playground is where they will develop friends, build physical confidence, learn about social interaction, imagine and PLAY for FUN!

Working Together

We have been building playgrounds for schools for over 30 years and are aware of the unique needs of a school environment and understand that building a playground is a memorable experience. It is a good opportunity to bring the parents together and build something that will last for years of fun. Volunteer installations are a good way to save money and build memories. A volunteer installation is a way to build a playground with volunteer parents from the school and our installation teams. Our friendly Installation teams have conducted many volunteer installations. Volunteer installations can take 5 hours to build like Pine Bend Elementary or a weekend like Nova Classical Academy. You will rest assured that you have a quality playground that is backed with the longest and strongest warranty and great customer service even after the playground is installed.

Quality Playground Structures

BCI Burke playgrounds are among the best quality in the industry and are backed by the longest and strongest warranty in the industry. The playgrounds are manufactured in the United States of America with Midwestern values and quality. Our dedicated freight allows for prompt delivery and low cost. The Total Cost of Ownership Package includes parts covered under warranty; so if a part breaks and is currently under warranty it will not cost the school a dime for the new part or freight costs.

Added Value

Your school will receive a free Intensity Curriculum for Physical Education Class (with purchase of an Intensity structure), free Maintenance Kit and a free NPPS Safety Kit when you purchase your playground!

Let’s Build Something Together

If your school is looking for a new playground contact us today and we will send more information in the mail or meet you on site to discuss future plans. See our testimony page to see what our customers say about us.

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